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Welcome to my personal website! What is this place for you ask? I like to make lots of things, so I will be showing it all here! I may make different websites for the different things I do, and they will all be featured here!

How does this place work?

All of my websites are linked below. You can click the home icon on this browser to return to this page if you need to! There is also content in the desktop icons that you can check out! The windows can drag and resize, but be warned they can act a little awkward sometimes(especially on mobile.)

Places to go

Petz Site

Glitch Lab

My Twitter

Things I hope to eventually have here

I like to make worlds and avatars for VRChat, so I may make a hub with links to all my worlds! I'm currently working on some kemono avatars and I will put them in an avatar world for anyone who wants to use them :) I may also make an art site with pages for all the characters I design.